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Coffee Morning Wednesday 12 March.

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    Hi all,:)


    I thought I'd try one more fundraising effort before the big day.


    As you might know, my 12yo son is having his floppy blond locks shorn for the Leukemia Foundation's appeal. Thanks to the many lovely* PiA people who have already contributed, Liam has raised nearly $150, but you know, a little more couldn't hurt. So if anyone would like to pop in to my gaff's caff for a tea/coffee or cold drink next Wednesday morning, you would be very welcome.


    As a mark of my hospitality, I promise to supply biscuits etc, not to let the dogs (one cocker, one Maltese) savage you or any children with you(unless the donation is sufficiently big :unsure:!), and be very, very nice.(No guarantees for that one.)


    We are in Aberfoyle Park, have an unfenced pool (pre-1992), and I'm a Virgo/Leo cusp.


    PS. Is it very obvious I haven't done this kind of thing before?

    PPS. If you can't make it, but would like to help us reach Liam's target of $250 please pm me...where there's a will, there's most definately a way!

    * This in no way implies that anyone that hasn't donated is not absolutely lovely!

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    Hey Caroline....!


    We would happily donate...not sure how to get money to you quickly though!!!


    Will he grow it again for the next fundraiser...??


    Save us a biscuit........


    dan and steph

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    That's a shame (for me) Nick, although I could do with some work at the mo too!


    Hi Dan and Steph,


    I'll save you a lamington, how's that?! If you are renting in Marion, you won't have far to travel for it either!

    If you would like to donate, you could do it by using this link:



    then putting in Liam Armstrong, SA - he's the only one listed. And he's at the very top of the list too! It's a secure site, receipts are sent out to those in Australia ( for tax purposes), and any donation made against his name counts in his final tally.


    I have been very humbled how ready everyone has been to help. It is a brilliant thing to do, a fantastic cause and he's a (for once!:cute:) wonderful little boy.


    I will post photos - before and (eek!:shocked:) after ones, and let you know how much you all helped raise.

    :wubclub: and best wishes,


    And if you're in SA have a fab Cup Day!

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    Guest Guzzler&Sas

    not sure how I missed this one Caroline, sorry. I love a get together too ....


    Have already made plans for tomorrow (shopping for more new work clothes!) but really looking forward to seeing the photos.


    Good luck



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