Australia Truly Amazing

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    Thirteen months ago my husband and I set off for a trip around Australia. What a journey . This country is truly amazing and if the desire is there,just to do it .


    Australia will not disappoint you . We started crossing The Nullabor. The road is not that bad . Then on to Perth where we spent a bit of time before exploring WA Coast . I can say Perth was wonderful. The coast was amazing travelling to Broome .


    Then on to Darwin . From Darwin to Brisbane,then we decided to travel to Cairns.


    As I said what a journey,met beautiful people so did the dogs that traveled with us. LOVE Australia . Oh and we did do some work as we are both Nurses.

    Nurses needed in all States.


    We returned back Monday evening . Happy to be back,but who knows what the future holds. For now glad to be back :-)


    Now the caravan is up for sale as we are not going caravanning for a while . Someone else can have the pleasure .


    For everyone who is thinking of coming over to Australia you will not be disappointed . Message me for any info you need,happy to oblige .

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    Welcome home :)


    Wow, what a fab experience. Sounds wonderful with work along the way.


    I'm looking forward to doing something similar, although in a shorter timeframe round NZ. Maybe over a summer holiday over a couple of years, north and then south island.


    I want to see certain parts of Aus but not sure we'll take a year out to do so. Although hubby keeps threatening to cycle round a chunk of it :eek: I could get on board with that for a few months somewhere down the road.

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