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    Hi Everyone


    Just received this email from 'Smile' and thought it would be a good idea if everyone could take some time and click onto their face book and press 'LIKE' - they will donate 50c for every 'LIKE' to 'childrens foundation!....


    Some time ago the topic came up regarding 'cheap dentists' and Diane gave some great info regarding at the time 'Nobel Dentists' - I looked into it and since then I have been going to them every 6 months(CBD branch) - I do not have health insurance and have found these to be 'acceptable'... you have to pay an annual fee which for a family of 4 was only 50 dollars I think(not sure now..) so hopefully someone on here may find this interesting!






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    Guest wijaya

    I also recommend One of my teeth cracked two weeks ago, and I accidently found the smile through the internet. Became a member (family of four, 2 years memberships for 150 dollars) on Sunday, booked an appointment on Monday, and got it done in Tuesday. With 40 percent discount, i got my tooth out for 211 dollars (including treatment, x-ray and initial assessment). I found the price is reasonable, and now not worried anymore about dental here in Adelaide.



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