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    Hello All!

    I have three question for state sponsorship in South Australia.

    1. If I join any University in South Australia for my PhD by research option on 190 visa sponsored by South Australia, then I would be paying domestic fees or international fees? I have read that for the first two years I would be treated as international student for fee paying purposes.


    2. Also, please tell about the job market in whole of South Australia? I am Industrial Engineer and willing to do any kind of job for start-up.


    3. What is the basic cost of living in South Australia? I mean I need a bed to sleep, bathroom to use and two vegetarian meals (this is for initial time only during job hunt).


    All your replies and comments are really appreciated.



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    If you are considering doing a PHD in Australia then I would suggest contacting the University you are considering as you may be able to get a scholarship or research grant that will cover the cost of your studies/research and possibly even provide living costs. I don't know that much about them but I suspect the availability will depend on what your research proposal is and in what field.

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