Really need some advice please!

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    We were hoping to live P/Noarlunga or surrounding suburbs (coming over Jan 11th,2013) but are not able to get out soon to be 13yr old into the schools of our choice ie. Wirreanda (due to sports programme) or Cardijin. We are now thinking should we move further up the coast. Does anyone have any views/advice on Henley High School? or know of a high school inbetween PN and Henley that has a good reputation and sports programme? We are willing to live in the schools area, although would like to be close to the coast.

    Very difficult getting our son to feel positive towards move, therefore school choice is sooooo important. If your kids are happy.........!!

    many thanks


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    Woodcroft College is a good school. They have good sports reputation. Education is of a high standard . I know this from friends that have kids there.


    There will be other advice in soon. I have no children so not an area of my expertise :-)

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    Hi Bev


    My two girls go to Brighton Secondary School and enjoy it very much. I also am happy with the school. It has a very good reputation. It has a Special Interest Volleyball Program. Also, locally, Brighton Rugby Union Club has teams for different ages - our friends have two boys who play for the under 15s and the under 13s. There is also a local aussie rules football club, tennis and bowling (lawn bowls).

    Brighton & area (Hove, North Brighton, Somerton Park, Glenelg, South Brighton Seacliff) is on the coast too. High School is zoned, so check out the website for what areas it covers.

    Best of luck for the move.


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