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    I think the start of the article has been written badly but as you read to the end you start to get the real picture. These people are "asylum" seekers. People don't like that word for some reason but it is what it is. Some of them can't afford to buy milk for their children and some don't have a "surname" - they can't get a visa to travel here. I don't think that the two can be compared. Poms and others who do come here on a visa are moving here for a better life and that is right too but I don't think the two are the same, do you? Most of us have food on the table, a roof over our head, clean water. These people are sharing one room for 8 people. We don't have to worry about being persecuted. I think the "genuine" asylum seekers need our compassion - they risk their lives to come over here because they hope to give their children a better life.

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    On reading this all I read is party, party, party, we are going to have free, free, free, money money money, this is exactly the problem that exists in the UK free handouts to everyone now we are struggling and cannot help the UK british families. Only interested in what they get for free! I appreciate that some of them are in very hard times and yes I do feel sorry for them and often pay to charities which send money to them to help. But what really infuriates me is when my husband and I have worked really and I mean really hard to save the money and have struggled to get visas for Australia and having to prove that we have the $45,000 before we could get our visas granted, and yet now it seems that you can get on a boat and get money and rent paid for!!!!


    sorry for the rant, I am not very good when it comes to politics and all that go with it, just speak on my personal feelings and I know that maybe my comment above may offend some, which I don't intend to, but you work as hard as we have and to then read that basically you can get it all free it is somewhat annoying.

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