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    Just had a meander over to the blog section of this site and two things struck me: the majority of bloggers there clearly don't know what a blog is for, with their questions suited for the forum; and secondly, some of the entries make the rest of this forum look positively sane (which is no mean feat!)

    I'm keeping down here from now on - wandering around the blogosphere is a bit too much for me! :confused:



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    It is surprising the amount of people who somehow post in the blog area asking questions and so on about migration or moving to Adelaide. I don't know if its because they are simply not familiar with this kind of forum set up (or forums in general) or if they don't understand what a blog is or something else.


    I know from a mod POV we try to nudge people who ask questions in blogs over to the actual forum as more often than not they will get a far better response to their Q's over here. I am a bit lax but tend to nip in to the Blog section now and again and chase up all the Q's and point them over here.

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