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Life is beautiful: Got PR and well settled........

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    Guest wijaya

    Hi all

    As we are fast approaching 2013, I just want to share our 2 years of life here in Adelaide. Yesterday, we got our PR. We submitted the application on 19 of October, my wife as the main applicant went for medical two weeks ago, and now finally we could breath a sigh of relief that our feet are now standing firm in Australian soil. 650 dollar well spent. We could actually get the PR sooner but for my stupidity and nervousness (having to deal with forms and public authority after living so many years in my previous country), we needed to withdraw our first application because i wrongly submitted me as the main applicant, while my wife has all the necessary papers.. Wasted 300 dollar for that.


    We are all well settled here.. Felt grateful that SA has given us the visa to stay.. For that matter, we are not going to move anywhere soon or for probably for foreseeable future. Before moving, I worked in the UK as a journalist, with the salary of more that 45 K a year and my wife worked a teaching assistant (10 k).. Honestly, we did not have a very clear idea what we were going to do in Adelaide in terms of jobs. But i was optimistic we could work something out. At least, my wife could work in a school.


    But life not always according to our plan, but with open eyes, we grabbed every opportunity that came. I was lucky to be offered free training by Skilled Recognition Office, and finished my Cert III and Diploma in Children Services in 6 months. My wife works in child care and nearly finishing her Cert III through her workplace.


    I have 4 jobs now, not because I have to, by "choice"..

    On Tuesday, I deliver messenger newspaper with a bonus of walking for 2 hours and being paid around 50-60 dollars.

    On Wed and Thurs, work in a child care.

    Fri, Sat and Sun work overnight as emergency care worker.

    And at other times still write regularly for publication in my original country...The payment was peanut. but it's a good stimulation for my brain.


    I could actually just choose on job and work 50-60 hours but these arrangements suite me better.


    We bought our house last year, and this year got a dog to take care. My son who is nearly 16 started work a kitchen hand in a cafe only 3 minutes from our house.


    So overall, did not regret the decision to move to Australia.



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    What a lovely post. It shows what you can achieve if you really want something.

    Good luck for the future, I am sure with your positive attitude you will go a long way.

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    Great to hear from you and congrats on getting PR. Fab news :jiggy:


    Lovely to hear you are enjoying life and all your jobs. I must admit, sometimes its good to be able to step out of the fast lane and do a bit of this and that work wise, if able to.

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