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Guest julietjismon

Miicrobiologist Job Required

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    Guest julietjismon

    I have completed my college degree in Medical Microbiology from University College of Medical Education, India in 2001. I completed my post graduation in Medical Microbiology in 2004.

    After my studies I joined a Nursing College as guest Lecturer in Microbiology, teaching theory and practicals in Clinical Microbiology for the undergraduate students were my duties. In 2005, I got an opportunity to join as a research executive in an In vitro Diagnostics Manufacturing company, during which I was;

    · A team member of the project developing Coagulation reagents –PT and APTT which was based on rabbit brain powder. As part of the quality control procedures I became well versed in coagulation tests using semi- automated and fully automated instruments. I was using Bio-Rad coagulation controls and citrated patient’s plasma for quality control testing.

    · A team member of the project developing a new Latex based Immunoassay for the detection of Typhoid. It was a joint venture with DRDE (Defence Research and Development Establishment), Govt. of India. I got training in various analytical methods like recombinant protein expression and purification, affinity chromatography and SDS PAGE and also in animal inoculation and bleeding for collection of immune serum. While doing this project I became experienced in Latex based Immunoassays. As part of the quality control procedures I was using lyophilized controls and patient’s serum for testing.

    · The team leader in developing in- house Salmonella stained antigen kit (Widal test).In this project I handled ATCC strains of Salmonella typhi and Salmonella paratyphi A, B and C. Biochemical testing, slide agglutination, culturing, harvesting, and staining were all part of the process. For quality control I used patient’s serum as samples.

    · A team member for developing ready to use Blood grouping reagents –Anti A, B and D from concentrated monoclonal antibodies. While engaged in this project I gained

    * Knowledge of blood group systems. *Knowledge of the tests used for pre-transfusion compatibility testing. *Basic knowledge of the blood products used by a transfusion service *Knowledge of the quality control and quality assurance programs used by a recipient-based transfusion service

    Because of this experience I am confident to perform pre-transfusion compatibility tests enabling selection of compatible blood for transfusion, including antibody investigation. I can also conduct tests to assist in the diagnosis and prevention of haemolytic disease of the newborn.

    · A team member of developing kits for automated nephalometric serum protein analyzers. I handled Microalbumin,HbA1c, Ferritin ,Lp(a)and for various proteins like Apo-a1,Apo-b,α1 antitrypsin,β2 Macroglobulin, ceruloplasmin, Transferrin, prealbumin and Immunoglobulins like IgG, IgA, IgM, Complement factors like C3 ,C4 etc. I was part of the team conducting trial ratios for different reagents and for quality control testing Bio-Rad immunology controls and patients serum were used.

    · I was part of a project developing High, Normal and Low level blood controls for automated 3 part hematology analysers.Even though the project is still in the research level I got experienced in handling different automated hematology analyzers and the data interpretation.


    I shifted to Adelaide in June 201I. I started working as a Technicianin the quality control laboratory of Macro meats in July 2012.In August I got an opportunity to work as a casualMicrobiology Technical Assistant in Adelaide Pathology Partners Pty.Ltd.While working there I got familiarized with the Australian standards ofclinical testing.


    Currently looking for job in australia.....

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