Moving to Hallett Cove in 3 weeks

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    Hi all,

    We are moving from Modbury down to Hallett Cove in 3 weeks and can't wait.


    Was wondering if there is anyone in Hallett Cove who would like to meet up for coffee and play dates with the kids.

    We have been in Adelaide for nearly a year, and have 3 children.

    Callum will be 14 early jan, Ella is 9 and Aliyah is 2.

    Callum is still finding it hard settling in to aussie life, he misses his welsh family and friends quite a bit, so wanna get him out meeting people as soon as to take his mind off it. Hopefully he will meet more kids his own age down south.


    Any advice on playgroups or activities for older 2 in the area would be greatly appreciated too.


    Thanks Kel

    Wishing you all a wonderful christmas and very happy new year too x :xmas12:

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