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    Guest roula

    I am ready to start looking for TRT work from January. I realise the first term will be fairly quiet so I'd like to volunteer at a couple of schools to keep me busy.


    For those of you doing TRT work, how did you start off? I have begun to take my cv round to some schools as well as trying to meet the principal. I have also joined an agency, although I am wondering if it is better to find work by myself.


    Also, I am returning to teaching after a break of a few years(having kids) and I'm looking for any courses that might be on offer. Apart from what's on at the Teachers' Union, there doesn't seem to be much around. Has anyone managed to find much in the way of professional development?


    Thanks in advance,


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    I have just been TRTing in term 4 in primary and middle schools and there was plenty of work around. Not sure if my experiences will be of much use to you - presuming you are primary - I will tell you how I got on. I pretty much worked everyday that I was available to work. Some days I would get 5 calls offering work, others just one or two. Often schools would book you for a number of days in advance. Once you are in and prove yourself then they generally called you back for more work. If you weren't available when schools called then they generally were less likely to call you back. I got calls from schools I would've loved to have checked out but had agreed elsewhere so therfore had to turn them down. Occasionally you played telephone 'roulette' (ie: Will I get a call??? Will it be a school where I am happy to work and not be run ragged?) to fill the spaces. There are some fruity schools out there... you will work out which ones you prefer pretty quick. A friend who worked closer to the city had similar experiences and secured plenty of work but had certain schools he was more pleased to be called by.


    I dropped my CV off to schools and yes it certainly helps to speak to the powers that be; usually the most important person to speak to is the person who books the TRT cover - this is usually, but not always, someone in the admin team. I always tried to have a chat and make a connection with the front of house, I always tried to drop in my experience in conversation too. As a male happy to work with the older ones, many schools made promising sounds when I dropped my CV and Employable teacher letter off. Some schools gave me work and others I never heard from again. Keep an organised bookings diary as it can be hard to remember where you're heading next and where you have been (important to check that you don't miss a day or twos pay if the admin team forget to notify DECD that you worked on that day).


    The best way to maximise your chances is to sign up to the TRT hubs that operate across the city. I dont know where you are based but there are a number of clusters in the southern Adelaide regions that organise their TRT cover from a central point. Therefore signing up to one or as many of the clusters that serve schools that you are willing/able to travel or work at will seriously increase your chance of work. If you PM me I can give you the people you need to speak to. I am based in Port Willunga near Aldinga and worked as far as Coromandel Valley in the hills to some more local schools. I mainly ended up travelling 25km to schools in fairly challenging areas.


    I found that for DECD schools it helped to go in with pre-prepared ideas to fill the day. You will often be left a sketchy program and often the day works so much better if you have a bank of your own ideas to see you through. My friend gets pupils making origami non-fiction books and then researching on the internet on a relevant topic to fill tjem - this keeps them busy all day. I would always take my guitar and do some singing and a hard drive full of games, quizzes, thinking puzzles, challenges etc. Be sure to have some ideas for PE games too... I would recommend the Blue Earth book for this as it has loads of easily resourced games. I am happy to help you with a pile of stuff if you need it.


    In regard to CPD - you wont get much as a TRT - occasionally the more forward thinking TRT hubs will organise something. I went to one on the new Aussie curriculum. If you are TRTing you could ask to stay on staff meeting night??? I think you will skill yourself up pretty quick TRTing - you might have some tricky moments but I always chalked them up as character building. I wouldnt bother with agencies as they will take a healthy chunk of your money. Maybe deal with privaye schools directly. Phone up and ask for the TRT coordinator - they will happily give their name to you as they want a substantial bank of staff on call.


    I fortunately got a job for next year. I do hear that Term 1 is quiet...


    Good luck, feel free to PM for info


    All the best



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    Guest roula

    Hi Richard


    Many thanks for your detailed reply and congrats on the job! Will send you a PM as have lots of questions!


    Thanks again, roula

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