Primary Schools in Hallett Cove

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    Hi there


    I am researching areas and schools.

    We are moving in January and still have no where to live and keep changing our minds . (not very organised)


    We are looking for a modern house. An area near the sea (doesn't have to be walking distance) People have recommended Hallett Cove

    My main concerns for me are primary schools. So if there are any recommendations I would be really grateful.

    Are there any modern style houses in the Hallett Cove area?



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    I wouldn't decide on an area to live until you actually get here as you might find that, however nice, it just doesn't do it for you. Instead get yourself some short term accomodation near where you think you would like to live, or near where you are going to be working, and then have a good look round when you get here. If you do a bit of research on schools using the myschool website you might be able to rule a few areas out before you start. We know Adelaide quite well because my husband is from here but we used the website to help select schools that we were happy with. We also ruled out a few areas because they wouldn't be within walking distance of a primary school. Good luck.

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