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Uemployment Benefits for 190 PR holder who has dependents (wife + 1 kid)

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    Guest Dream Runner

    Hi all,

    I am holding 190 PR Visa with ANZCO code of 261314...Software Tester.

    I am planning to migrate to Adelaide in early 2013...

    My question is that:

    If I am struggling to get job initially...then are there any Unemployemnt benefits provided if I am with My dependents?

    I am planning to come with wife and 2 years kid...

    If yes..then how much $ SA Government gives as an allowance per month )Unemployement Benefits or Child care Benefits etc.)

    If I am coming alone...and not able to find a job..then also I am eligible for it or not?

    My whole intention to know the that I will be able to decide that I should come with how much money to survive with/withput family till I get a job?

    Please reply...

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    Afraid not. You have to be self sufficient for 2 years and you can't claim unemployment assistance in this time. That's the way it was when I came over in Jan this year and I'm sure it's the same for the new 190 visa. That said you may be eligible for family assistance if your children are under 18 through centrelink and if you have a PR visa this can be claimed straight away.

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