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Guest Richard & Amanda

Knighthood Server down!!! Arghhhhhhhhh

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    Guest Richard & Amanda



    I'm frustrated my Knighthood server is down on Facebook and I can't defend my castle!

    I'm addicted to this game, nearly as much as I am addicted to this site as well.


    I really do need to get a life out doors. I have a 101 things I could/should be doing as we fly in 17days. On a positive I did pack a box with photographs in it just before I tried the server again.


    I have seperated all my negatives from my photos - just in case the container sinks I don't want all my memories and history disappearing. Hubby thinks I'm mad - the negatives will be in the suitcase with the rest of the stuff I don't want to lose in the event of it capsizing :huh:. Insurance is one thing but how can I possibly replace photo's of Hannah's early life and my early life is my opinion.


    come on Knighthood sort the server out!!!!!

    Does anybody else play this game?

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