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    Hi there


    Just had a look at the average fuel prices for cars and found that the average price of unleaded petrol is $1.36 per litre and the average price of diesel is $1.49 per litre which is not as good as I remember the fuel prices to be.


    But looking at these prices is it worth to drive a diesel vehicle at all?, is there still an grand system to install LPG in your vehicle as there used to be in Victoria in 2009 or has this been phased out?


    Any views and opinions are greatly apreaciated as we are looking at arriving in Adelaide on 27 February.



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    The price of unleaded is for 91ron, which some cars (like ours) can't use, so we have to pay about $1.49 a litre for premium 95ron unleaded. So watch for that.


    We're looking at buying a diesel, mainly because its much better to drive than its petrol counterpart. Diesel is slowly catching on here, but mainly in larger utes and SUVs.


    LPG is popular, and still cheap (although not as cheap as it once was) but I'm unsure whether its still possible to get any money back from the government.

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