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    What year 2012 was!:jiggy:To all you guys - have a great year.


    · Got the Visa

    · Told the parents

    · Sold the house

    · Left our Jobs

    · Moved around the world.

    · Got a nice rental

    · Enrolled Kids at School


    Now we are here in SA 6 weeks. Still needs jobs, but the better half has all the teacher reg thing done – very tedious.

    We have a 12month lease on a house in Strathalbyn. Strath is lovely. We are not city people so it suits us fine as we have 3.5acres. Come Autumn our boy wants to get a few sheep!!!! In the mean time he has four chooks to look after (hens).


    We have had a great intro to Oz through various Church connections , met so many Aussies who are so very kind. We had a two week break in Queensland before coming here, not one nights accommodation did we pay for, either we were put up by someone from the church or our accommodation bill paid for, and taken out and right royally entertained, absolutely brill.


    One guy we met from Northern Ireland said “every things the same, but different”!!! Actually that about sums it up.


    What have we learned?

    • Homesdownunder via Tamara was a great rental for the first few weeks, her knowledge helped so much – thanks.
    • You can never bring enough powerboards from the UK.
    • Port Noarlunga is lovely.
    • Watch out for pedestrians when the lights turn green (absolutely mad).
    • It’s never what you imagined.
    • Home is not so far away with skype etc.
    • The sky is actually Blue (coming from NI I thought it was grey).
    • Getting Setup takes more time than you think.
    • The essentials are expensive, but the rest is fine.
    • Broadband is expensive.
    • Le Cornu furniture is not bad (ask for Marc), Haggle Furniture is good value if you haggle (ask for Adrain – Port Road)
    • Dont use the Irish word craic (meaning fun, news,chat) they will all think your are on drugs.
    • The Aussies love a good bit of banter especially at someone else expense. Especially POMS!


    So far we are all doing well, although kids could really do with being back in the routine of school. We LOVE Oz and hopefully all work great in the end. The better halfs sister arrives tomorrow for 10 days so that will be fun.



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    Guest guest8040

    Brill post especially loved the craic comment I'm not Irish but north eastern uk and use it all the time - better drop that habit!

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    Guest The Bells

    Great post, nice to read everyones experiences. Enjoy your family visit !

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    Guest Chris_J

    Don't use the word root/route here it means something different :-) if you need to say router, pronounce the out.

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    What does it mean Chris?


    Its a bit naughty :cute:


    Put 'Root in Australia' in to google and click the first search return. Aussie slang list there to peruse away at :wink:


    Or check Wiki


    Scroll down for - Etymoloy 2 - Verb ---- The Aussie/Kiwi meaning has its own definition

    Edited by snifter

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    Rowt, root root, aaaaaaagh my spell checker has gone all vulgar when I try to practice. Try again rowt rowt rowt rowt - phew that's better


    These Australians are crazy!!!



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    Hi Irishstew where are from back home? I'm from Bangor; been here for over 3 years and love it! Hope all goes well! Michael


    We are from Magherafelt, and so far so good, we have been far to busy to be home sick. Our container goods finally arrive with us tomorrow, so that's going to be all fun.


    AQUIS have quarantined all our Christmas Decorations in spite of us removing all wood, cones etc. I presume its in case it was in contact with a natural tree.


    Thanks to all for the best wishes



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