Whats your New Years resolution?

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    Well 2013 is with us and sticking with tradition I have set a number of New Year resolutions. These include....


    Breaking the news of our intentions to family

    Saving like mad

    Finish the jobs around home so the house markets well and

    Sign up for some additional qualifications recognised in both UK and Aus.


    Looks like a busy 12 months!!



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    I'm not one for new years resolutions.


    However, this year is the year of our move and I have a few things I need to achieve in the coming few months.


    Mainly de cluttering and working out exactly what I want to ship and what we will leave. Mostly personal effects, clothes and a few bits of furniture. The rest will be sold off nearer the time. But the clutter! I have kitchen cupboards with entire dinner services in that I've not used in over 5 years and picnic sets that can be donated to the charity shop and so on. I want to slowly go through the house, room by room and work out exactly what I can op shop away now (ish) and what we will take and what will be left/sold nearer the time we depart.

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    The de-cluttering has already started and I will have a few bits up on eBay or gumtree soon. We are not going to sell everything and in fact we are likely to obtain quite a bit before departing.

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