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Yorke Peninsula

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    Guest jorose


    Anyone got any recommendations of things to see/do and for accommodation on the Yorke Peninsula? We don't have children so are not looking for somewhere that is child orientated.




    Jo :huh:

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    Guest Guest75

    We have had a few wanders over that way.


    It's very quiet there apart from peak season.


    Can be very lonely/ desolate but starkly beautiful.


    We did a 2 day trip which is not long enough.

    We went down past Ardossan and stopped in Edithbugh overnight in the motel at the pub (It's OK -ish)

    Then drove around the "Boot" but did not have much time to stop.

    Would have loved to wandered around Innes National Park.

    Drove up the coast to Moonta and then back home.


    It's a fair bit of driving but worth it if you like exploring.


    Most of it is very far back in time and either quaint or run down.








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