Guest six and paul

Been here a month

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    Guest six and paul

    Hello again all, update from last post , now been here a month staying with friends while get organised, found a rental in Sheidow park, took ages searching and lots going fast, hubby has job , not in a school like last job working in D &T dept but back to trade work (toolmaker) so wage coming in and some ideas for future, girls booked in to St Aloysius College, friends girls go their so recommended and wanted one school for both yr 6 and yr 4 as didn't want too many moves for eldest as prob move house at end of yr etc , hopefully will be ok for the girls, me looking but will be around for school run etc first month then serious job hunt etc, children's nurse so limited practice but will look at anything term time always worked around girls, anyway here now , enjoying beach seeing family and friends from last living here, hubby happy back home, girls coping with it all so far but all keen to have own space and container arrives end of jan, just thought say hello again, welcome help on best Internet provider, electric gas provider etc for rental as all new, need bikes for girls as doing kids tour down under and bikes in container!! Hubby bought his with him (his baby) , anyway that's us few ups and downs and tears since landing and 8 people in one house has its moments but surviving so far!


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