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    Guest Lukas Atkinson



    I'm new to this site so i'm still trying to navigate my way around and finding out its uses. I am currently in the UK but i've just been granted a Skilled (Migrant) (class VE) Subclass 176 (Skilled – Sponsored) visa for South Australia.


    I am looking at making the move ASAP depending on the job opportunities. Can anyone give me any advice in addition to the normal basic websites on the internet? I'm really looking for CV tips and websites.


    Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated





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    Hi Lukas


    Welcome to the site.


    I am sure that there are a couple of members on here that assist with Resumes', so hopefully if they see this thread will answer.


    You could maybe start a new thread with the title Resume/CV as well. Also have you tried the search function for this topic, the question has certainly come up in the past.





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