NEW ARRIVALS...FREE BEDDING etc. And what else are you looking for??!

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    Just wondering if anyone who is waiting for their container would like some free sheets, duvets etc?


    I have a John Lewis double duvet (medium weight I think) and a couple of sets of duvet covers (laura ashley and another one)

    I also have a barely used (while we waited for our container!) Queen sized quilt (not a duvet, but can be used in same way inside a duvet cover) and can give you some sheets and a duvet cover set to go with that too.

    Also have a few double sheets.


    That's all free.


    I am also happy to sell for a bargain (whatever you want to offer!) a blow up double mattress airbed (blue with a velvet type texture on the top).


    I will op shop the sheets and bedding, but we are having a garage sale soon so I hope to sell the mattress.


    Plus, if anyone has just got here and needs stuff, please let me know what you are looking for. We are trying to downsize what we have as we are moving to a smaller house (or at least one with much less storage space). Like, plates, kitchen stuff etc.


    Also got a small English TV that would be fine for watching pre-recorded stuff, or if you got yourself a set top box.



    eta: we don't smoke and have no pets. Only beautiful children!!!!! :)

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