Grass Seeds-Watch out

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    Hi Guys,just a reminder to check your dogs for any grass seeds that may have been lodged,particularly in your dog's paws.


    I have just spent a very traumatic week backwards and forwards to the vets for a very nasty grass seed lodged inside our poor dog's paw.


    He has been on Tramadol for the pain and two lots of antibiotics.Fingers crossed we may have avoided surgery as the vet managed to take out

    hopefully the ofending article on Friday.


    The vet said he has seen a lot more cases this summer so beware,those little blighters can cause some real pain to your pets and to your pocket.



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    Guest Yvonne & Neil

    Hope you dog is ok now. I do now check both my dogs especially paws and ears having heard lots of similar stories. Cat should also be checked for grass seeds too.

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    my puppy sniffed up 4 grass seeds last year, luckily the vet got them out without putting him under.. so far so good this year (probably cursed myself now) lucky that if the dog gets one in his paw he lets me dig around and get it out but we have had them in his eye and ear before, thought he was having a fit leaning to one side and shaking his head..glad your pups on the mend



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