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Where to take visiting family?

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Guest Claire-n-tel

hi Sunnyside!

the last few times we've had overseas visitors we've gone and had a bbq on the evening they arrive to Belair np, almost always find a koala or two up there! although last time we did it our visitors then thought they would be everywhere!

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You have to take them for a drive into the hills, and call in to The Gorge Wildlife Park, then Cudlee Creek Cafe. You could also take them out to Woodside where there is a chocolate place and a cheese place doing tastings, followed by lunch and a few beers at the Lobethal Brewery. Take them up to Mount Lofty and then to Cleland Wildlife Park. Also there are the Mount Lofty Botanic Gardens up there if they like that kind of thing - but a lot of European trees and plants there so perhaps better in the autumn....


Take them to the Botanic Gardens in the city - get there before 10:30 and join one of the fantastic free guided walks they do there http://www.environment.sa.gov.au/botanicgardens/Whats_on/News_Events_Listing/121213-free-guided-walks


Take them to Central Markets and have a coffee/lunch at Lucias and soak up the atmosphere.


Take them on a Sunday to Port Adelaide for the dolphin cruise there - or if they're fit(ish) take them kayaking there to see the dolphins up close http://www.adventurekayak.com.au/dolphin.html


Take a day down to Victor Harbor - stop at Strathalbyn for coffee and yummy cakes and there used to be a great antique shop there where the (german) owner plays the didgeridoo. Take them over to Granite Island while you're there, or if the weather is nice, take them to Horseshoe Bay.


And the wineries - Barossa, Adelaide Hills, McLaren Vale....either book onto an organised minibus tour so you can all drink, or if one of you doesn't mind being designated driver, consider doing one of the Cheese and Wine Trails - http://www.barossacheese.com.au/cheesewinetrail.html or http://www.mclarenvale.info/wine-food-trails-tastings/cheese-and-wine-trail-0


A nice winery in the Hills is Barratt Wines - lovely people there http://www.barrattwines.com.au/ or plan your route to call in at The Olive Branch Cafe for delicious platters or cream teas (Balhannah) http://www.olivebranchcafe.com.au/


Oh and a day out to the Murray River - there was a voucher recently http://experiences.deals.com.au/just-29-enjoy-the-sensational-3-hours-cruises-for-one-on-the-murray-with-captain-proud-paddle-boat-cruisesget-a-choice-of-two-mains-options-may?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=5871&utm_content=deal_1&u=&m_check=m_2475707_h_0ea62102d11f09fbe701a760d937df25 if you're quick (think it's only open for one more day)


Keep an eye on http://www.weekendnotes.com/adelaide/ for festivals, special events etc

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Diane - I had nearly forgotten Lucia's - I haven't been there for years but they make the best Hot Chocolate..hmmmm- I used to work across the road and I'd often visit.

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Diane made some fab suggestions. I know when I first visited Adelaide my (now) hubby took me to pretty much all of those places and sights.


We also did the museum which was great for an hour or two after the Botanical gardens. Central Market was fab and we were there pretty much daily as hubby only lived a couple of blocks away at the time.


I loved seeing the Murray mouth (I read about the Murray river as a kid in some books and its always had an appeal) and got some amazing pics of all the birds around there.

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