BBC would like to hear from expats in Australia

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    The BBC are looking for British Ex-Pats located in Australia to be contributors in the 2nd series of the hit CBeebies programme My Story [more info on the first series can be found here -


    My Story pioneers the concept of history to pre-schoolers. It is a unique child-led history brand, taking children on a journey to find out their own family’s history through fun, adventure and play – and to discover that every family has a story!


    The BBC are really keen to feature a story in the new series about being an Ex-Pat in Australia and so are looking for someone that could tell it! Ideally they are looking for a charismatic family member that can retell their own life story to a bubbly 4 to 6 year old member in their family - a great grandchild, grandchild, niece/nephew, son/daughter or even a godchild. The storytelling would be filmed in key locations from the story in the contributor’s new home (Australia) and they would incorporate fun activities that tie into the experience. They basically want someone with a great story relating to living as an Ex-pat in their chosen country (Australia) and a family member of the right age (4-6 years old) for them to tell it to.


    For further information, contact:


    Olivia Clark

    Researcher, My Story - Series 2 | Nina and the Neurons: Go Engineering

    BBC Scotland

    +44 (0)141 422 7856

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