Applying for citzen ship

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    Hi All,


    I hope I have this as correct understanding....


    We apply on line and the cost is $260 per person is that correct ?


    You pay by card when you apply ?


    How long does it take ? and whats the next step ?

    Do you automatically get an australian passport then ? or do you have to pay more ? if so how much ?


    Can you still keep you british passport going ? and does it effect your status as a British citizen by having an australian passport ?


    Cheers and thanks in advance for any advice offered !!


    Lynne :)

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    Guest Mitchell

    Not sure about process or costs as I still have 1 year and 8 months to go. However yes you keep you British citizenship and passport and are called a duel national. Yes you can have an Australian passport. My sister has both.

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    HI Lynn


    Cant remember how much it is but you can apply and pay on line. you get a date to attend an interiew where you ahve to supply some info and possibly paperwoek and you take a citizenship test (Multi choice test) You will be told after the test if you pass then you have to attend a citizenship ceremony where you get your certificate. (normally within a couple of months)


    Once you attend the ceremony you can apply for your Australian passport. Yes you can keep your UK citixenship as well and have dual passports too/


    Good luck with it all mostly a tick and flick, you can get a free book which will help you with the test as well




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    Guest magicsprout

    I am just in the process. 260 dollars apply online. Attach copies of the documentation electronically as well as the photo and identity sheet. i applied a week ago and still waiting for the go ahead to do the test.

    You can keep your uk passport too, just have to use the Aus one for coming in and out of Australia

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    Guest Angie1

    Hi Lynne.

    You can apply on line or in person at the Pirie street immigration office. I printed the forms and got all my documents signed by a JP. I then just popped in to pay my fee and drop it off. The only benefit here is you get an acknowledgement of receipt and they check it for you to make sure you have all the supporting documentation.

    You will then wait for your test. Can take up to 8 weeks. When you go for your test they need to check the original documents and your passport. Get the DVD and just watch it a couple of times and you will pass. They do a police check on you whilst you are doing your test. Once passed they give you a letter and then you just wait for your local council to contact you to let you know when your ceremony will be. Usually takes 3-4 months. We did our test last sep and we have just had our ceremony yesterday. Very nice indeed at Carrick Hill.

    Ponce you become a citizen to get back in the country you need an Australian passport but can leave on your British one if you like. You can enter the uk on your British one so you don't need a visa. It's all well explained on the web site. Good luck.


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