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    Hi all,


    We are booked to revisit in September/October and want to make a few decisions to where, what and why Adelaide. One huge help will be employment as we are only going to make the move if secure jobs are offered meaning I need to spread my name about either directly or through agencies.


    Based on people's experiences, do you have a list of employment agencies throughout the Adelaide area. I have spent the last 15 years working as a project and contracts manager for commercial and private clients within the field of construction. I am chartered, have formal health and safety qualifications ( construction specific).


    Fingers crossed I should be attractive to potential employers.


    Many thanks.

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    Guest Jonneeb


    How did you fare during your visit?

    There are currently a lot of Project Manager roles being advertised in the construction industry, check out Seek, Career One, My Career websites my advice would be to set up email alerts which suit what you're after.

    Good luck

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