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Electrical A grade License required?

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    Guest loafydawson

    Hi all,


    I am a time served electrician living and working in the UK working as an CE&I commissioning engineer in the nuclear industry. I have completed my vetassess practical skills assessment as an electrician (general) along with my IELTS test. I have just lodged my independant visa application but I have one main worry about my potentian move. The A grade license!


    I am aware that this is a mandetary requirement to work as an installation electrician and an electrician going to be involved in the disconnection/reconnection process. However, I am hoping to find work on control systems/maintenance/instrumentation within the industrial indutry. Can anybody advise as to wether I still requiree my A grade license to conduct this type of work.


    Any help would be greatly appreciated.





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    Dont know to much about electrical side of things but you need a licence for everything here so I would say you would need to get an A class licence if you want to work.

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    Hi Wayne, I've just joined this forum, how far are you with everything? I'm also a controls technician, just about to sit my vetassess in September with view to apply for the 489 visa & looking for info about the requirements to work in Adelaide as maintenance/controls engineer etc, any help will be appreciated.

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    dear ,, darkfireuk!! wrote this a few weeks ago hope it helps!



    ELECTRICIAN A class licence for south Australia. and the getting of.

    If you have gone down the VETASSESS route stop reading now.... I dont know anything about it.

    For the ease of this I will take it you already have a visa and are in Australia and have come fromthe UK, but if not there are a few things to take note of before you leave old blighty

    What you need.... to be an electrician in the first place ..with trade papers, apprenticeship, work history, reference’s from old employers........sometime and money! Oh and a strange desire of liking walking up and down CurrieSt/ Grenfell st..

    To get the A licence you will need two things... a ATRC.. Australian trade recognition certificate

    And the Australia wiring exam certificate.: wiring rules AS/NZ 3000:2007..

    When you have these its trip to CBS Grenfell street.. $400, a photo and another two week wait. And a plastic ID cardwill fall though the letter box with Electrical worker on... if you want towork for yourself... its another course about $1500 and another licenceapplication ... and another plastic ID with electrical contractor on, fallsthrough your letter box..

    My advice........based on my experiences.... when you get to oz ... or even on the turning the visa on trip!! or decide you want to play with wires again!!!

    thing.. get yourself a CITB number.. Construction industry training board. 5 Greenhill road 5034.. this will save you loads of money... some people get the CITB numbergiven easily... others have to fight for it.. its industry money for training...the custodians of these funds have been known to pick and chose who they like to support... the card takes a couple of weeks to come through and lasts 3 years but you will need a oz address. may have been access for a visa by the TRA....well if you were.. good but you get to do it again!! If you were the one getting the visa (main applicant)for the family and got accessed by TRA this is good as this will save you about$930 ... if not its $930..

    The TRA for a visa is not the same as the TRA for a trade licence.... the second is much more in-depth.. mine was 8500 words and another 100 pieces of paper, some are more some are less.. its down to what you have done really...and it really is worth putting the effort into this second TRA application...

    if you have already been access by TRA for a visa, The first application for the second TRA (for a licence ) is free...(but you need the piece of paper with your TRA outcome number on)(if you are still in the UK make sure you don’t sent it with your container) if its rejected and you have to apply again its $930... if you were not the main applicant so not accessed,,, for the visa its $930.

    All the guides to this are on the interweb..

    But don’t worry there’s a free help service offered by thegovernment to help you through the TRA process.. “skills SA” @ the skills recognition services 55 Currie on the side of boarding,there you will meet a very helpful chap called “Adam” who will guide youthrough the process so you get a positive first application outcome..... Remember the second one is $930. And once you have sent the application off its 90 days wait.. you will need a Australian address and may be asked to prove it?

    Wiring exam..... AS/NZ 3000:2007 two routes TAFE which is the ozzie night school or one of the training schools .... like PEER VEET.

    Cost.. Peer Veet is $790 for the course or $205 with a CITBcard.. plus $600 of books. Its 56 hours plus the homework, and you need to seta side a lot of time for the home work.

    Is properly the easier part of the whole process.. but this will depend on how up to date with the uk...regs you are?

    Its not the multi guess papers of the City and Guilds, its a written course work with exams as you go along... not enough % score and its a resit on that bit..or a resit the whole exam, or resit the whole course.. or sod off your not a sparkie!! The killer is the amount of written work you have to do in the timescale.

    If you have done the 17
    or 16
    wiring regs you will have a idea.. if you have done “inspection and testing “you should be not far off the point.
    If you haven’t done the above you may just struggle.

    Here’s Peers price list

    notice the discount with CITB card.

    So having got your TRA sent off and the wiring exam passed.. you will for a start need a White card $100 or $30 with CITB.

    Then go on every course you can think off to get your Australian qualification up..because despite what people will have you believe it is hardout here at the moment!! CITC are another good training school...

    if you are reading this and still in the uk... make sure you bring all your paperwork on the plane, look at the TRA guidelines and start gathering the reference from your employers... its easier in the uk!



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