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    Hi all


    Have our medicals next week. My husband has sleep apnea and sleeps with a machine. He is ot over weight and is healthy as can be ( in the gym three times a week) . Just wandered if you could fail with this medical condition as I see apart from that fit as a fiddle


    Thanks kathy

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    Guest MandiMR2

    Hi Kathy,

    As it is managed by CPAP & as long as it doesn't effect his daily living activities &/or work abilities I'm sure he will be fine.

    On my medical I had my height & weight done, my BMI & BP measured, routine blood tests (plus extra blood tests for nursing), chest xray, urine dip, then a physical examination by a Dr - this included him listening to the lungs, palpatation of the lymph nodes in the neck & armpits & examination of the abdomen (to check bowels, liver, spleen etc), reflex test of the knees & feet, check of legs for varicose veins, check of curvature of the spine (bending to touch toes), twisting, stretching & bending of hips, arms & legs to check joints, & a sight test...I think that was it!! sounds very thorough & he was undoubtedly visually checking many other things simultaneously too! but he did inform me when he'd completed his assessment that all was fine & just to await the bloods results.

    Hope this helps! Best of luck to you both.

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