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Hello :-)

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    Guest ecastro1105

    Hi to all!


    I am a newbie to this forum so I thought it will be good to introduce myself.


    I am not a POM, born in the Philippines but grew up in the US. My wife and I are in our late 30's and have a 11 year old boy. Our background is in healthcare. My wife is a new grad and I have a little over 2 year experience as an RN in California.


    Our 459 visa was granted on 20/12/12 and very excited to move in Adelaide or nearby suburb/town. Finally found a registry to work beginning March, will be arriving Adelaide on 25/2/13. Looking for a long term housing/rent (6 months at least within $300 budget max). Also, I am trying to learn more about enrolling my son to 7th grade. I will appreciate your feedback/recommendations on housing and school.


    We are very tight in a budget. So, every penny counts.


    Thank you.







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    Hi and welcome!:cute:Re somewhere to live,have you tried website as it covers pretty much everything.Have you any idea where you'll be working and wanting to live?

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