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Hallet cove r-12?

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    Guest Traceymaria


    im Tate c:

    im 15, turning 16 in 5 months and im in year 10.

    Sometime soon im moving to hallet cove r-12. I know nobody there.

    whats the uniform like? in the ways of piercings, hair, jewellery, clothes, etc.

    I guess im nervous.

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    My daughter who is 16 goes there. The uniform is quite varied and at the moment(summer) you can wear a summer dress( blue check) or navy shorts/trousers/joggers and a navy and white polo shirt, if cold either a navy hoodie or a two tone blue rugby style top. She has a few ear piercings and friends of hers have bright colours in their hair, and doesn't get told off for wearing make-up and nail varnish.

    Hope this helps.


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