Caz and Ian

Ietls test

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    Guest weegie

    Hi Caz,


    Best advice I have is to do one or two dummy runs. I bought a couple of books for this, like this one, containing dummy exams:


    It means you have a reasonably clear understanding of the written parts of the exam so it's less scary when you turn up on the day. Unfortunately I've sold what I had.



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    As the others say definitely do some mock papers an the net. I bought the target 7 book ok but think it was more suited to foreign language student.


    I would say that the written task is based mainly on your style of writing and the appropriate language you use rather than content. For e.g if you were writing an writing an argumentative / persuasive text using words like firstly, secondly, in addition to and finally in my opinion etc.


    The listening and the speaking test are the easiest. All you need to do for the listening test is read the questions carefully and close your eyes when listening.


    I found the reading test the most difficult. The text get harder so don't share the time equally. If in doubt give it a good guess most of the question require you to read between the lines. Just remember forget your own opinion on the info on the text if they ask a question write the answer given in the text not what you believe is the correct answer. I know it sounds like common sense but it's important.


    I hope this has been of some use to you. The waiting is the worst.


    God luck



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    Guest anne314

    Hi Caz and Ian,

    I have sat the IELTS Academic three times, as part of our PR visa and for my teacher registration. I passed every single time, thanks to lots of studying and a website called scotts english success . I highly recommend this website because it helped me understand what the test is about and what I needed to do to pass the test. I also enjoyed the online learning.

    Anyway, good luck with your studies and I wish you all the best on the test day,



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    Guest MandiMR2

    Hi there,

    Yes just like all above are saying, be sure to do lots of practising & set a timer, as time soon passes by when you're concentrating! plus it gets you used to the time frames for each section.

    The book provided by University of Cambridge (who are involved in setting the exam content) is definately worth buying, as it gives you good practice material & great insight into possible scenarios.

    Also google IELTS & there'll be lots of sites that offer free practice test papers, I printed lots off & spent at least a couple of hours a day revising.

    Practice reading quickly & practice talking about yourself too, I know we all probably think we could talk for hours, but its about how you reply to questions asked, e.g. backing up your answers with examples.


    The reading bit was the most difficult for me, mainly due to some of the text & questions been on opposite sides of the paper, so I had to keep turning it over!! & I only just managed to complete it in time!!

    Hope this helps, good luck with it & start swatting!!! lol

    Mandi x

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