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CN Level nurses in Adelaide

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    Guest thesalix

    Hi guys


    Wondered if any one would be able to help me as I am unsure what I can/should be applying for - not sure how much to included to give you an idea, so if I've put too much sorry but I would really appreciate the help/advice.


    I'm currently in a dual role, I am a Senior Lecturer teaching nursing at a local university and an Advanced Nurse Practitioner in the community Setting working mainly with the elderly but it centres around admission avoidance; Im dual trained, Adult and Learning Disabilities (I know LD's not recognised) I also have modules in Mental health, been qualified 12 years (Currently a Band 7/8a in UK)

    I have a few degrees and two Post grad qualifications in nursing I have covered generic study but also covered courses giving me specialist registration in Epilepsy, Long Term chronic conditions, and Community Practice.

    I also have strong Project Management experience in the nursing work place.


    I’m hoping to move out within the next 18 months, visa 189 :) with my family -hubby and two children under 6.


    I will be the only wage earner initially as hubby is a stay at home dad till children reach school age, although he will work part time once we are settled. I don’t want to factor hubbies wage in initially in case he can’t find his trade part time. Heavy plant diesel mechanic


    I'm unsure if I should be applying for entry level nurses RN Level 1 year 9 or can I apply for my equivalent CN levels 2/3/4 and would I be taken seriously as I have no aussie experience in terms of how the aussie nurse works?


    Does any one know who I may be able to contact to find out. Contacted AHPRA and ANMAC - didn’t help at all.


    thank you so much



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    Hi there,

    gosh you sound as confused as me;

    I was a band 7/8a in the UK too, but i applied for level 1 i am looking at level 2 and above after 4 years!!

    Thing is , reading the job specs is a bit confusing, i have all the qualies and experience for a level4; but may be over qualified for a level 2.

    I personally think that any job above a level 1 will come your way after a short period in post........however, i work in the private sector, not the public; and it does look like promotion is a bit more frequent in the public sector, and getting in there from private seems to be like skiing uphill.

    Good luck with it though, and yeah, be cheeky.............

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    Guest thesalix

    Thank you Scousemouse, like you its the wording that I'm not sure about. I'm a real quick learner and not afraid of hard graft, just need to make sure I can get a post that will support all the family on. Not sure I can do that on entry level.....? Also I like my higher roles responsibilities and the opportunity to change practice by incorporating teaching and best practice. I am realistic and know I wont get a role like I have here, I'm moving for the family not my career but I would still like to be in a role that inspires me and brings home job satisfaction, :) I love nursing and I'm sure Ill be happy where ever I end up, I'm that kind of person.

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