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    I have a 8 year old daughter and she loves to sing etc. Last year she nearly joined a choir but due to us moving etc she didn't.


    I was wodnering if there are any choir groups or theatre/dance classes with emphasis on singing at all in the Port Noarlunga / Christies Beach area.


    Thanks Karen

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    Your best bet is the Australian Girls Choir - my daughter has just left the choir after finishing Year 12 but it was a fantastic experience over the several years she was a member. I know they do classes in Glenelg and Kensington so if you could get to either of those it would be worth considering. Other than that you could enquire at her school as most schools have choirs. Oh and in the January School Holidays there is something called Pelican Productions with is a two week muscical theatre camp which is fantastic. Heres the links to the AGC and Pelican http://www.aspagroup.com.au/ http://www.pelicanproductions.com.au/



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