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Anyone looking for an Executive Assistant

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    [h=2]Do you know anyone recruiting Executive Assistants?[/h]

    Hi, As we have found out a lot of vacancies never get advertised they are through word of mouth. I am looking for a change in employers and am currently an Executive Assistant to the CEO. I have registered with Agencies but they are telling me the market is dead and even looking myself on various websites, they are right. However if you know of anyone who might be looking, please let me know and I will be more than happy to send them my resume.


    Many thanks


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    Hi Tania


    Not all companies use agencies so make sure you sign up with seek and career one to get regular job updates. Also check out the University and government websites directly. UniSA are currently having a big recruitment drive but I'm not sure if they are looking for executive officers. Although most jobs go on seek or career one not all of them do. Have a drive round and find the names of companies in the area and check out their websites directly as well. As for agencies have you tried Entre (I think that's what they are called). They place a lot of temp people where I work and if the bosses like them the temps often get taken on as permenant staff. Good luck.

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