18th birthday Party-any ideas?

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    Hi Guys,just wandered if any one has any good ideas for my daughter's 18th party.


    We are going to be having it at home but my daughter has had a pretty tough time in the last few months for various reasons and i just wanted to

    make her 18th really one to remember,especially as her long time friends and family wont be here to help her celebrate.Which is such a shame.


    Any ideas much appreciated.Fairly tight budget as well.



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    I would say have lots of things to do, otherwise it is just another sit around music, drinks type party.

    For example, my daughter's 19th in Paris, her friends organised a scavenger hunt through Paris, where photos had to be taken of French people doing humerous things, bad fashion , best edible Window display etc.



    Turn your backyard into a sideshow alley, rope in family and friends to run stalls like tossing balls into cans with small prizes, pin the tail on the donkey etc etc, hire a jumpy castle and have tiny noodle boxes with snack fish n chips, popcorn, mini burgers etc. Pass the parcel with forfeits old style between the layers. You may think this is not sophisticated but how many older teenage girls still secretly watch the programmes of their childhood and enjoy them lol.

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