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Positive story for 457 applicants

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    Guest Xhako



    Now then, I don't mean to brag but...!


    We submitted our 457 about two weeks ago and it's already been approved


    We needed -

    Employer sponsorship (HB got a job at UoA) - their application was approved within 2 days

    Proof of qualifications (his)

    Proof of marriage (so I can go too)

    Valid passports

    Birth Certs

    Letter from medical insurance to prove we are both covered - no need for medical checks - we're paying about $94 per fortnight (we just got the basic cover) from when we land plus Medicare


    There was no need for an immigration agent, we did everything online using scanned documents and the UoA liaised with Immigration for us.


    Condition is that he has to work for the UoA for the duration but I can work where I like!

    HB is an academic and I organise events but am thinking of re-training as something fabulous and possibly outdoorsey - ice cream seller / sponge diver / bounty hunter / fishing boat skipper / something for me to justify getting a 'Ute... and ideally mornings only so I can go home and let the dog out for a wee at lunchtime.


    Feels like I won the lottery!

    Good luck to anyone thinking of going down this route, I hope this positive story helps you make the right decision xx

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    Great news. We're also here on a UoA sponsored 457. Does make the process a whole lot easier, which I didn't realise I came on this forum and saw the huge efforts people have had to go through in order to get here. And having a job to come to makes a massive difference.

    Which Dept will your husband be working in?

    Hope your move goes well.

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