Sponsorship opportunity fir amature soccer team in Aldinga for 2014-15 season!

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    Just thought I'd post a thread re a possible opportunity to get on board as a sponsor for a brand new soccer team for 2014-14 season.


    the team will be set up from scratch with the proposal to share a ground in the southern suburbs with a Ozzie football club. The club share is well established and is enthusiastic to get a brand new team involved.


    due to the local area not having a soccer team it is hoped it will generate some publicity in the local rag and we really need help funding the start up.


    We know things are tight but this really has the potential to build into a good team, great ties with the community and to spread your company name.


    as I said early days but we need to enter into discussions re what sponsorship you can offer and how we can a reach any sponsored expectations and the lads who will play.


    the team will be based in aldinga, and as you will know its an area that is fastly building into a busy suburb with no armature soccer team.


    if your interested please pm me directly, we would them hopefully meet with the coach, assistant coach, and technical goalkeeping director who are all in place.


    it really is a good opportunity in increasing your coverage, you can put a lot in or just a little, for both amounts we can assure you we will give you as much effort back.


    hope to hear from some of you from here, it is going to happen we just need some help to make it popossible


    we will also be looking for players from the ages of 18- 60 to get the team together, if we get enough players we may even look at entering two teams.


    hope to hear from somebody out there, history could have your name all over it!

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