Victoria Uni. Mechanic Skills Assessment

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    Just wondered if anyone can shed any light on what's involved in the mechanic skills assessment?


    Go Matilda have advised we do it through Victoria Uni & mentioned a technical interview after the paper based part was completed.


    Not worried about them, just wondering what to expect!



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    Guest ebstar

    Hi, I can't remember if thats the company that done my OH's assessment but it was pretty easy. They like to have full details (explaining in detail) all qaulifications and experience. They will talk to you about this and maybe ask how you would change or repair something. The practical assessment was supposed to be from 8am till 6pm. For this you were given a car and told to carry out various tasks under a watchfull eye. My OH had completed everything by just after 11am all done and passed. Nothing to worry about as they make it sound far worse than it is. Hope this helps. Good luck.

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