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    Hi all


    Me and my husband have just decided to make the move we will be travelling with our 2 young girls, i would really appriciate any advice as there looks like so much to organise, i work as a nurse and my husband will initally be staying at home with the girls. I f any one could give me advice on where to start i could do with some help as to,


    Which visa should i apply for

    What is the average length of application

    would i be better using an agent or is the process easy to do alone

    what is the average cost of applying for a visa, medicals etc

    is there much nursing work and is it possible to find work before you leave the uk.


    Sorry so many questions but not sure were to start would be very grateful for any help.


    Thanks Gaynor and family

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    Guest Mojoanna

    Hi gaynor1 I am also a nurse with partner and two children, girl & a boy. The visa you want to apply for depends if you want to go on a temerary visa or permanent. I have also just started the process I applied to the ANMAC for a skills assessment. My next step would be to apply for my pin with APHRA then apply for my visas, if any one has more information please feel free to ad.

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    thanks for the reply I want to go on a permanent visa as this seems the best choice for myself, I will look at gettin my skills assessed with anmac then find out about applying fot my pin any other info would be great


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