Returning to work after kids....aargh!

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    Having a bit of a hard time finding work here, can anyone help? finding it difficult to get work even in supermarkets and not sure why. Have been a stay at home mother for approx. 7 years with a bit of tutoring work done in that time. I'm currently volunteering at Marion Council to build up aussie references, have got certificates in Microsoft packages, got my child safe environments certificate and about to do Apply First Aid, but having absolutely no luck, even got turned down by Bunnings, not even short-listed. Ideally looking for SSO or recruitment work...but can't get in without experience. Please help with any advice, not able to afford luxury of volunteering for much longer!:arghh:

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    Most SSO vacancies seem to be filled from within, ie, from people who volunteer at the school.

    Maybe you could volunteer at a school to get experience in the environment you want to work.

    I think jobs are getting scarce at the moment, as many employers seem to be cutting back.

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