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Your thoughts on the future of the strong AU$

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    Guest zamunda

    As we all know the AU$ keeps getting stronger and stronger.

    This is not good for those of us planning our move to Oz and looking to externalise what ever savings we may have.

    On the other side of the coin, for those of us who have managed to get our funds over to Oz, how long will the $ continue to be this strong?

    Most businesses in Oz are affected by the strong $.

    Will those in office after the elections look into doing something about this or will they do it before the elections, to halt the job losses?

    My question is, will the $ continue to be this strong in the longer run (can the economy sustain the ill effects of a strong $) ?

    Should we look at look at hedging against a possible drop in value, thus protecting what ever AU$ savings we may have?

    Your thoughts please.

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    All the stuff I see indicates it is here to stay....the UK economy is a shambles.....and Australia is doing well. Obviously all countries have ups and downs but the future appears strong for Oz for the medium term at least. I doubt much will change for years.


    It's a really serious consideration - we've made the jump against the odds but you certainly feel it - I think I underestimated how much a shock it is feeling that you are starting again financially. I don't think the day to day costs here are much higher than the UK once you start earning....but all your savings and whatever you bring over are very devalued in the move....and property isn't cheap here for the most part.


    I've never really made sound financially decisions - it's just not in me, but it doesn't appear to be holding us back too much.....still enjoy the real things :)

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