Toddler/Pre School Costs, We're on a 475 so I don't think we'll get any help???

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    Hi All,

    We are moving over next month on a 475 visa and will be looking for full time nursery/pre schools. Here in the U.K we get about £100 a month TAX/National Insurance relief per month through child care vouchers and when our boy turns 3 would have had 15 hours paid for a week by the government. Please can anyone let us know if we are entitled to any help with the fees? If not what are our best options for full time child care.



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    I'm not entirely sure but I don't think you get nay Centrelink assistance until you are a permanent residence. Child care costs vary depending on the area you live in from $60 to over $100 a day. Your son won't start Kindy (pre-school until he is around 4 depending on his birthday) There are cheaper occasional care and family day care might be a cheaper option. Once you become PR the benefits are really good rent assistance and family tax benefit and child care rebate too. This website might be useful





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