We are due to arrive in Adelaide 6th May & we have just found out we're expecting!

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    Our flights are booked and we arrive 6th May, but we have literally just found out we are expecting our second child and now need to know what Maternity care I will get or if even entiltled to any as we have not lived in Australia for 2 years?


    Does anybody know, did this happen to you? Please if anyone could give us advice on what we will need to do as would like to be well prepared when we get there for what we will need to do.


    Thank you in advance!


    Rich & Caz

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    What visa are you on? I think it depends on that to some extent and also which country you are from, for recipricol Medicare.

    The Maternity care here is first rate, in my experience, so you don't have to worry about that.

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