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    I moved to the Noarlunga Bay area of Adelaide last week, along with my husband and 2 children.


    My husband is a Electrical Engineer by trade, does anyone know of any contacts or where to go to get his UK skills recognised?


    Kind Regards


    Lisa, Paul, Zak and Eve

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    Guest Marringtons

    Hi Lisa,


    Welcome to Adelaide!


    I'm not in a vastly different field, I am an Electronics Technician, and I managed to get my UK qualifications recognized as Australian ones by visiting Skills Recognition (now named Skills For All).


    Contact (They're in the CBD, I just walked in and talked to someone):


    I don't need any licenses for what I do, so there may be a bit more to it for an Electrician, couple links that may be of use from their site:


    Good Luck



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