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Thanks and safe trip Mr & Mrs Muppetbro

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    Guest Libby1971



    I just wanted to say a huge thank you to Mr and Mrs Muppetbro for a lovely evening. It was really lovely to be able to catch up. Also a great chance to wish you well and a safe journey for your marathon trip round Oz for the next 6 weeks before going to UK.


    It has been lovely having you here, but have to say I think it takes a lot of bravery to admit it isn't for you. And even more to tell someone who loves it. :notworthy::notworthy:


    I thought I had better do this now before your computer gets packed up!!!! Plus while you are still about to read it...


    Be good (?), take care, enjoy the waves and send us a postcard


    Love to you all


    Libby x

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    Guest louiesmum



    Is Muppetbro going home to UK? Hope he & his family have a good trip round Oz & safe journey to UK Wishing them good luck. I will miss the contraversial posts!!! However mr M it hasn't put us off I suppose you have to do it for yourself. Whats right for one & all that... Good Luck for future hope you catch some good waves on your journey!!

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    Yes, we will miss you all too.:sad:


    In some strange way, your company has become quite addictive! I'm glad we have shared some really good times, and we will be sad to say goodbye*.


    Have a wonderful trip round Oz, a safe and pleasant flight back to the UK, and remember to live in the present, not the past; our waves will some day be yours.:)


    Love from us all,



    *Yes, even your redneck friends.

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    Guest muppetbro

    thanks - hectic packing boxes writing school reports and tying up loose ends.

    adelaide has given us alot of good times . immence good fortune and many many memories we will cherish for a long time to come


    fortunately/unfortunately we used the forums to make just 3 contacts initially from the uk - all 3 have been of great value to us and weve certainly enjoyed good convos around a bbq - friends are people you can feel comfortable with with the comfort of being able to beg to differ - fortunately these people have all similar but realistic outlooks on life in general that we contacted thru forums - you know who you are


    paths have crossed with other people of course and in all but 2 instances we found what a great bunch of poms live around adelaide - much of my non working life has been spent on beaches to die for with / without family pursuing my surfing pursuits - with the 6 week trip to the barrier reef to cap it all off this and the climate will hurt me returning to the uk - no doubt about that!


    never has my intention to put anyone off - clear realistic views is a must on forums - and yes if in doubt go for it if you have the courage to give up a good life as we did - fortunately we have a good life to return to back home and i wasnt able to convince the mrs to give it time as i had always wanted 2 years to decide.....all i can say is after 9 months adelaide is all about who you know and yes adelaide does grow on you - i love the redneck community, i love the climate, i love the inefficency and backwardness of some things and yes i would have liked my kids to have grown up here albet with my one big concern - the state of education and the methods of finding employment as a teacher which is damaging to a profession and the future youth - most of all i will miss knowing that the sun is never far away and that aussie way of greeting you day in and day out


    adleaide maybe even life in australia is not so hugely different from the uk in terms of people - its all here - maybe i dampen the unrealistic pursuit of paradise and perfection - for me surrounding myself in little england while sitting in a pub with my spoccer shirt while moaning about the uk was never ever in the equation


    life is what you make it - and i made it here with a wife and 2 kids - but for me my wives happiness was more important than any good beach surf and sunshine....well almost :D


    seize the day but read between the lines


    love mart, sue jessica and joe


    goodbye forum

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