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Cheap home loans for migrants??

Anne B

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Cheap home loans for migrants?? Is this fair?


The comments are well worth reading....it's not a popular proposal. Makes you wonder what planet some people are living on (in this case the SA Property Council).

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Guest gormusoglu

Reading it, not it's no fair I agree. I am in england trying to come over so you could see the benefits for us as a family, (even though England wasn't included) but I still don't agree. Yes, if they need the skilled workers then make a visa more easy to apply for, but if they are going to receive the same hourly rate as natives or current migrants already in Adelaide, then I can't see how this seems right.


I will never understand the governments thinking in any country. Although, as my husband is always saying about england, the country needs migrants to stay afloat and that is exactly what they are saying in that article. But again, offering low cost housing or loans does still seem unfair.

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