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Flies & Mozzies / Aberfoyle Park & Flagstaff Hill

Guest TonkaScot

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Guest TonkaScot

Hello All,


Great forum, really helping us out as we decide whether to uproot ourselves and 2 (soon to be 3) kids and plonk ourselves in Adelaide. We've been looking into it for a few weeks now (wife is a midwife so we think visa's should be OK) and we're very tempted. We enjoy a nice life in the UK but the world seems like a better place with some sun on your back and we know the kids (and us) would love the outdoor lifestyle. 8 months of drizzle per year here can get a little soul destroying.


One big question that has come up is "What are the flies & Mozzies like in Adelaide". I can see from other forums (spit!) that some people say they're no problem at all and others say they are a nightmare. I know that will be partly down to personality and how you react to things like that but can anyone try to help with a more descriptive view (like how many weeks/ months are bad/ does it stop you sitting outside of an evening)? I find personal space invaders like flying critters very annoying and would struggle to appreciate the other areas of life if they were a particular menace. I know it'll be seasonal and if we live near a river / still water it will be worse and we can use repellant / candles but I'm keen to know how annoying you find the little b*ggers. I see life in Adelaide as being predominantly outdoors - weekends at beach, morning/ evening runs & cycles that sort of thing and I don't want to be doing that in a bee-keepers outfit. Any guidance on this would be great.


Also, whilst I'm on a roll, We're currently looking at Flagstaff Hill & Aberfoyle as potential areas to settle in but I can't find much about them on the forum - can anyone give their thoughts? Oldest kid is just coming in to Primary one and the other is 3yo. The next will be born in October so we're looking for good family area, good schools, parks etc.


As this roll seems to be going ok, can I also ask for thoughts on Stirling/ Crafers/ Aldgate areas? I think they look nice but someone said they're often foggy so not ideal if you're pinning your hopes on crystal blue skies (don't worry, I'm not blind to the seasons!) just interested in thoughts.


We aim to spend another few weeks considering all our options then coming to a decision so all available thoughts and advice would be greatfully received.


Thanks in advance for your help.



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Guest PaulandVicky

Coastal - there is a lot of flies- sand flies I believe. Less in winter, overcrowding in summer. They are flipping annoying as they fly up to your face and aim for the lips!! Ewwwww. You waffed Em away and they have the nerve to come back for seconds!! Maybe it's the laid back way of a fly kiss?!?!?! But it's annoying!!!!!!!!!!!

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we have been in Aberfoyle park for 9 months now and love it. Our 3 kids go to the local campus school and eldest one will go to the high school just up the road in a couple of years time. There is lots for the kids to do here. Just down the road is a BMX track, tennis club,large oval to play on and a scout hall. 2 of our kids go to Theatre bugs at the local church hall and 1 goes to gymnastics at the Hub recreation centre. We always have plenty to do.

The Hub shopping centre is great and has everything you need from supermarkets to hairdressers,library,gym,post office,take away places etc...

We are on a good bus route too for local areas and the city which is great for when people come to stay!

I work casually in kindergartens and can honestly say the ones in Flagstaff hill and Aberfoyle park are particularly good.

Haven't found the flies too much of a problem. Tend to spray with Mortein to get rid of them!!

Hope this gives you an insight into living in this area.



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Flying things were a real bother before we arrived and I was really thinking I might have to go native and buy a hat with corks - fortunately it hasn't been like that at all. We had a couple of days where the flies must have hatched and they were everywhere but mostly we've been OK. They are persistent and can follow you for miles if you get one that likes you!


As for mosquitoes we've hardly been bitten at all - we started our stay here down south in Moana and had to be pretty vigilant with repellents, anti-histamines and Lucas Pawpaw salve but since moving further north (only as far as Lockleys but by the Linear Park where I thought it would be worse) I don't think we've suffered at all - although saying that every time my husband goes to collect the children from Scouts he gets bitten on his legs by little black flies (he's finally worked out to spray before he goes).


I do think though that when we move into our own house I'm hoping to create a fly-free zone for outdoor eating.


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I live in south Brighton (coast) and have not had much of a problem with flies, but they are persistent when they like you. Tend to be worse during the hottest spells. The worst mozzie bites I have ever had was when I went to Flagstaff for a BBQ. I have also been bitten by mozzies in a local friends garden despite both places having all kinds of repellents. I may be wrong but my experience is that there are more mozzies where you have lots of trees and bushes.

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We enjoy a nice life in the UK but the world seems like a better place with some sun on your back and we know the kids (and us) would love the outdoor lifestyle. 8 months of drizzle per year here can get a little soul destroying.


I'd give serious thought about whether making the move at the moment is the right thing to do unless at least one of you has a job lined up or is very likely to secure one. Some people have left a not very nice life (or have seriously fallen out of love with the UK), and therefore wax lyrical about being here, but this doesn't sound like the case with you. We were similar - nice life in the UK, thought that a place with more sun would be good etc - but we arrived five and a half years ago when things were still relatively cheap (but getting more expensive) and the economy in SA was bobbing along okay (it wasn't booming and might never do, but it was doing okay). If we were in the same position now, though, I doubt we'd make the move.


Different people will have different views, experiences and ideas on what constitutes a good standard of living. For us, this place has become expensive, job opportunities have become very limited (I'd be pretty much stuffed if I lost my job - there's very little chance I'd pick up something comparable to my present role and pay) and every week another employer goes to the wall. SA has always struggled to attract and keep migrants (in comparison to other mainland states), but even more than usual are moving away from here at the moment.


SA has its plus points, no doubt about that, and many do settle here and live the life they were looking for, but timing can be everything and right now is a precarious time to make the move. Make sure the 'outdoors' dream doesn't cloud your judgement. Incidentally, Aussies work some of the longest hours in the developed world and for a place Brits see as having an outdoor lifestyle I have to say I do sometimes wonder where all the people are; beaches are typically all but empty, one street away from Rundle Mall and the CBD resembles a ghost-town - 'outdoor' often means no further than the back patio.


I know this isn't what you want to hear, and if I were simply looking to gather 'likes' I'd gush about how wonderful the place is, but this is my honest view.


Regarding flying nuisances, there are times when they're a real pain but other times hardly noticeable. We tend not to be out much after dark because all three of us are apparently delicious to mozzies regardless of precaution!


Stirling and Crafers and very nice places and easy commute up the freeway. They do get more rain than the plains suburbs and it's often misty early morning, but this soon clears.


Good luck, Jim

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Guest Sarah Bradley

I have worked at Flagstaff Hill Primary and currently work at Craigburn Primary both are nice schools but I prefer Craigburn as it is bigger and has a good music program. I live down the hill near Marion shopping centre which is also a good spot. Mozzies love me but I just put on repellent if I'm out around dusk or near open water. Flies vary but flyscreen and mortine work for us no major problems with them but I agree they do like to follow you for a bit.

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I live in happy valley right next to flagstaff and aberfoyle park.I would not really say that mozzies have terrorized us that much , we always doused our bodies with repellants whenever outside.I admit the area is bedecked with lots of trees and seriously quiet and laidback,thats exactly why we chose the area we live.It is a lovely place to raise children,so I guess the mild inconvenience of mozzies is not comparable to unending chills of UK.Good to add that there is no area of south australia devoid of mozzies and bugs,it definitely comes with the territory.

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