Do they really need work?

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    It gets on my goat the people who post on here desperately seeking work because of xyz, then when they're asked to provide a quote and go away (after telling me it will take a week to put together) simply don't bother, for whatever reason. Wasting my time is one thing, but if these people are so in need of work and scratching to make ends meet, then who's fuel are they wasting to get here (and back) to look at the work they so desperately need?


    I've had some great contacts for contractors off this site, but it's starting to stack up the number of time wasters out there.

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    Unfortunately this goes both ways, my OH has quoted for many jobs and often people are just wasting his time. Some have no intention of getting the work done, just want an idea of a price for a possible project that they may or may not do in the future, some don't even know what they want. Others say they have had others quote for it and there estimate is lower than you can price for so it seems pointless even bothering to put in a quote. Most people he sees give no feedback and most don't even respond with a thanks despite the fact that it may have taken many hours coming to look at a job and price for it. Then theres the ones who book in the work only to decide a day or two before he starts that they no longer want it doing.


    Perhaps those that are desperate for work, have no work for a reason. Choose someone by recommendation I sure many on this site can recommend someone decent that will give you a quote and then turn up when they say they will.

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