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The outlook for the UK economy - BOE

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    Just not seeing words like "Crap" and "Dire" in there.:wink::wink:

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    From our point of view, both holding our jobs, house price continues to increase and more sold signs going up all of the time. Rental market has gone crazy with landlords now wanting 1 year terms and good properties renting in days at full price ( know this through work). Stock market has gone crazy, new shops opening and people just starting to smile a bit. Location SE England.

    The biggest issue for us today is the exchange rate with the £ being suppressed to encourage trade. This sounds stupid but the uk may bcome a little like Australia having got its economy generally under control and starting to trade well (yes Australia is years further down the track) with large sections of the worlds economy remaining in a state therefore driving sterling higher and making the assets of uk more valuable!


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