Jessica Berry

457 visa crackdown comes up again

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    JULIA Gillard will reignite the foreign workers controversy with plans to introduce cash fines for bosses who fail to offer jobs to Australian workers first.


    Warning that a "tick-a-box" approach currently applies to companies claiming they face local labour shortages without even advertising jobs, unions are pushing the Prime Minister to act before the September election.



    The Sunday Telegraph can reveal cabinet will tomorrow night debate the measures, which include financial penalties for employers who lie or mislead authorities about labour shortages to import workers on 457 visas.

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    Copied from (15/6/13).....


    THE Greens are worried the federal government's proposed changes to the controversial 457 visa scheme would be undone by an Abbott government.


    Federal Labor has introduced a raft of proposed changes to the scheme including a requirement that bosses make every effort to employ Australians before resorting to foreign workers.


    Greens MP Adam Bandt says he is worried some proposed changes would be achieved through regulation rather than enshrined in law and could therefore be reversed if the coalition wins power.


    "What I'm concerned about is that it could all easily be undone by the stroke of a pen from a minister if the government changes on the 14th of September," he said.


    He also said nurses, engineers and information technology workers should not be exempt from protections in the bill, which is expected to be debated in parliament in coming weeks.

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